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15 Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

Melbourne, with its vibrant culture, iconic laneways, and buzzing food scene, is a haven for expats worldwide. Amongst the city’s diverse offerings, the best rooftop bars of Melbourne provide a unique combination of panoramic city views, innovative drinks, and world-class cuisine.

For expats keen on experiencing the best of Melbourne’s nightlife, here’s a comprehensive guide to the 15 best rooftop bars in Melbourne.

1. Rooftop Bar Melbourne

Situated in the heart of the city, Rooftop Bar Melbourne offers stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline. Here, expats can relax with a drink in hand, watch an open-air cinema during summer, and indulge in their classic burger menu.

2. Naked in the Sky

Perched atop Fitzroy’s Naked For Satan, Naked in the Sky offers an expansive view of Melbourne’s cityscape. This bar provides a range of infused vodkas and Spanish-inspired tapas – a must-try for every expat.

3. The Emerson Rooftop

The Emerson in South Yarra is known for its spacious rooftop, offering a relaxed setting and a comprehensive menu of cocktails and gourmet bites – an ideal spot for expats looking for a sophisticated night out.

4. Siglo Bar

Located near the Paris end of Melbourne’s CBD, Siglo Bar offers sweeping views of the Parliament House and St Patrick’s Cathedral. Siglo’s extensive drinks list with a selection of cocktails, wines, and cigars, pairs perfectly with its European-style terrace.

5. Madame Brussels

Inspired by a 19th-century European garden party, Madame Brussels in Melbourne’s CBD offers a quirky décor and an extensive list of cocktails, making it a unique hangout spot for expats.

6. Imperial Hotel

Situated on the corner of Bourke and Spring Streets, the Imperial Hotel boasts one of Melbourne’s largest rooftop beer gardens. It offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city, making it a prime destination for expats.

7. Good Heavens

Good Heavens in Melbourne’s CBD, located above Fancy Hank’s, offers a retro-themed decor with an impressive list of cocktails and Southern-style snacks. Its laid-back atmosphere is perfect for a relaxed evening out.

8. Union Electric Bar

Union Electric Bar in Melbourne’s Chinatown offers a vibrant rooftop space with a tiki-inspired menu. The lush greenery and the inventive cocktail menu make it a perfect tropical escape in the heart of the city.

Best rooftop bars in Melbourne

9. The Provincial Hotel

This Fitzroy icon offers a spacious rooftop with a stellar view of the city skyline. The Provincial Hotel combines rustic charm with a stylish fit-out, providing a relaxed yet chic atmosphere.

10. Bomba Rooftop

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, Bomba Rooftop is a Spanish tapas bar offering a selection of local and imported wines and an impressive view of the city. It’s a perfect spot for expats looking to enjoy Mediterranean flavours.

11. Campari House

Spread over four levels, Campari House in Melbourne’s CBD offers a unique rooftop experience. Its versatile drink list and modern Italian menu add to its charm, making it a favourite among locals and expats alike.

12. Red Hummingbird

Known for its signature cocktails and cosy setting, Red Hummingbird in Melbourne’s CBD offers an intimate rooftop experience, ideal for expats looking for a cosy night out.

13. Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a quirky rooftop bar located in Melbourne’s CBD. The bar offers an impressive selection of cocktails and Asian-inspired snacks. The whimsical decor and comfortable seating make it a must-visit spot.

14. The Corner Hotel

In the heart of Richmond, The Corner Hotel offers a spacious rooftop deck perfect for socialising. Its incredible views and modern pub menu provide a perfect balance between casual comfort and modern dining.

15. Palmz Rooftop Bar

Located at The Carlton Club, Palmz Rooftop Bar offers a tropical-themed retreat with lush palm trees and an exotic drinks menu, providing expats with a unique Melbourne bar experience.

Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

With this comprehensive guide to the best rooftop bars in Melbourne, expats can enjoy unforgettable evenings, from stunning sunsets to Melbourne’s city lights, paired with eclectic drinks and delectable food. These experiences can help foster a deeper connection with Melbourne and its vibrant culture. Discover the charm of Melbourne from above and experience the city’s vibrant nightlife in style and comfort.

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