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How to Earn Frequent Flyer Points Without Flying: 10 Easy Tips

Frequent flyer points and programs have become increasingly popular among travellers, offering a range of benefits such as free flights, upgrades and access to exclusive perks. While these programs traditionally awarded points based on miles flown, many airlines now offer alternative ways to earn points without actually setting foot on an aircraft. 

Here’s how to earn frequent flyer points without flying and maximise your rewards to enjoy the benefits of your chosen airline loyalty program.

How to Earn Frequent Flyer Points

Although by far the most popular way of earning frequent flyer points, hopping on a plane and jetting away isn’t the only way to accrue rewards. Many frequent flyer programs allow you to earn points in other ways. Here’s how:

1. Credit Card Rewards

One of the most effective ways to earn frequent flyer points without flying is through credit card rewards programs. Many airlines have partnered with major credit card issuers to offer co-branded credit cards that provide generous sign-up bonuses and ongoing points accrual. By using these cards for everyday purchases, you can accumulate points quickly. 

Additionally, some credit cards allow you to transfer points to various frequent flyer programs, providing even more flexibility.

2. Online Shopping Portals

Numerous airlines have online shopping portals that allow you to earn points for purchases made through their partner retailers. Simply log in to the portal, click through to your desired online store, and complete your purchase as usual. The airline will track your transaction and award you points based on the amount spent.

This method enables you to earn points on items you would have purchased anyway, making it a convenient way to accumulate frequent flyer points.

3. Dining Rewards Programs

If you enjoy dining out, consider enrolling in a dining rewards frequent flyer program. These programs offer points for every dollar spent at participating restaurants. Simply link your credit card to the program, dine at eligible establishments, and watch your points balance grow. 

This is an excellent way to earn points while indulging in your favourite cuisine.

4. Hotel Stays and Car Rentals

When booking accommodations or renting a car, choose hotels and rental car companies that are partnered with your preferred airline. By providing your frequent flyer number at the time of booking – or by paying with one of many frequent flyer credit cards – you can earn points for your stay or rental. Some hotel chains also offer bonus points promotions, allowing you to earn even more rewards. 

Make sure to compare the earning rates across different hotel and car rental partners to maximise your points.

5. Travel Partners and Alliances

Many airlines belong to global alliances or have individual travel partners. This means you can earn frequent flyer points by utilising the services of these partners. For example, you might earn points by booking a hotel through a partner website, using partner credit cards, or even purchasing products and services from partner companies. 

Be sure to explore the various partnerships your airline has to make the most of these opportunities.

6. Surveys, Opinion Panels, and Online Activities

Some frequent flyer programs offer points for participating in surveys, opinion panels, and online activities. These can include completing surveys, watching videos, or signing up for promotional offers. While the points earned through these methods may not be substantial, they can provide a modest boost to your overall balance, especially if you regularly engage in such activities.

How to earn frequent flyer points without flying

7. Points at the Pump

Many frequent flyer programs have partnered with gas station chains to offer points for fuel purchases. By enrolling in the gas station’s loyalty program and linking it to your frequent flyer account, you can earn points every time you fill up your tank.

While the number of points you earn from fuel purchases may not be as substantial as other earning methods, every point adds up. If you frequently drive and need to fill up your car, earning points through fuel purchases can be a convenient and effortless way to accumulate frequent flyer points without flying.

8. Bonus Promotions and Offers

Frequent flyer programs often run special promotions that allow you to earn bonus points. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, as they can significantly boost your points balance. These promotions may include signing up for specific services, booking flights during a particular period, or taking advantage of limited-time partnerships. 

By staying informed and taking advantage of these bonus promotions, you can accelerate your point accumulation.

9. Referral Programs

Some frequent flyer programs offer referral programs where you can earn points by referring friends or family members to join the program. When your referrals sign up and meet specific requirements, such as making their first purchase or taking their first flight, you receive a bonus of points. 

This is an excellent way to earn extra points while helping others discover the benefits of the program. Share your referral links or codes with your network, and watch your points grow with each successful referral.

10. Special Events and Experiences

Certain frequent flyer programs provide access to exclusive events, experiences and auctions where you can bid on unique opportunities using your points. These can include access to VIP lounges, concert tickets, sporting events, or even once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. By utilising your points for these special events, you not only enjoy memorable experiences but also free up cash for other aspects of your journey.

This is an excellent way to earn extra points while helping others discover the benefits of the program. Share your referral links or codes with your network, and watch your points grow with each successful referral.

Best Frequent Flyer Credit Cards in Australia

Australia is home to several excellent frequent flyer programs, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for residents. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveller, these programs can help you earn and maximise your points. Here are some of the best frequent flyer programs in Australia:

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Qantas Frequent Flyer is one of the most popular and comprehensive frequent flyer programs in Australia. With a wide range of airline partners, Qantas offers numerous opportunities to earn and redeem points. 

The program provides various tiers, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum One, each offering additional benefits such as lounge access, priority boarding and bonus points.

Emirates Skywards

Emirates Skywards is the frequent flyer program of Emirates Airlines. While not an Australian-based program, Emirates is a popular choice for Australian travellers due to its extensive network. Members can earn points by flying with Emirates and its partner airlines, as well as through hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related activities. 

Emirates Skywards offers different tiers, including Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with each level offering enhanced benefits and privileges.

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Velocity Frequent Flyer is the loyalty program of Virgin Australia. It offers a range of earning and redemption options, allowing members to earn points through flights with Virgin Australia and its partner airlines. 

Velocity Frequent Flyer has a tiered status system, with Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One levels, offering perks like lounge access, priority check-in, and extra baggage allowance.

Earn Frequent Flyer Points in Australia

Earning frequent flyer points without flying is entirely feasible, thanks to the numerous opportunities offered by airlines and their partners. By leveraging credit card rewards, online shopping portals, dining programs, hotel stays and car rentals, you can accumulate points quickly and maximise the benefits of your frequent flyer program of choice. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new promotions, partnerships, and special offers to ensure you make the most of your efforts. With a strategic approach and a little extra effort, you’ll be well on your way to earning and enjoying the rewards of your preferred frequent flyer program, even when you’re not in the air.

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