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Why Move to Australia

If you’ve thought about moving abroad before you may have found yourself dreaming of a life in Australia. It’s got good weather, incredible beaches, a massive expat community and a history of a high standard of living. There are so many reasons to move to Australia.

You may have also heard about a high cost of living but through my blog and podcast, I’m going to teach you all the ways and reasons to disprove this.

What are the reasons to move to Australia?

In this post I’m going to outline some of the reasons you should be considering moving to Australia right now!

Reason 1 - Job availability

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in November 2022 there were over 444,000 jobs available. These jobs are in a variety of industries including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare, just to name a few! And workers from the UK and Ireland are in big demand.

A lot of jobs available are casual or temporary jobs meaning you have complete flexibility with your choices or the option to find more permanent work if you are settled.

From my own experience, this is the greatest amount of job opportunities I have ever seen at one time. I am getting calls from recruiters almost weekly! Therefore this is an amazing time for a teacher trying to find work over here. Hopefully through my blog and podcast I’ll be able to share my knowledge to help you get the job. You can learn more about the Australian pay structure in this post about base pay vs package salaries  and the Australian pension system here.

Also while a lot of countries are struggling with the cost of living crisis, the pay in Australia is typically much higher than the average compared to the UK or US, thus outweighing the potentially higher costs. 

Reason 2 - Weather 

Ever felt like crying during the winter in the UK when you go to work in the dark and by the time you leave work it’s dark again for what feels like months on end? Or what about all the rain? Or the fact we get about 1 week of good sunshine a year?

Then maybe you need to think about moving somewhere sunnier… Australian weather temps rarely drop below 10 degrees and often have months of uninterrupted sunshine at a time.

If you time it right you can spend the UK winter in sunny Aus and spend the colder months of Australian winter visiting the UK.

Reason 3 - Opportunities for travel

Australia is a massive country, every state and territory is so different and there is a never ending list of places and things to see. Just to list a few of my biggest ones – Ayers rock, Hyams beach, Rottnest Island, Phillip Island, Whitsundays, Tasmania, the list could go on forever! You can read about my top recommendations here.

Plus once you’ve seen everything there is to see in Australia, you’re perfectly located for quick trips back and forth to Asia or New Zealand with a flight directly from Sydney to Bali being only 6 hours or a flight to New Zealand lasting only 5 hours.

It really does open up a whole other side of the world for unlimited travel opportunities. 

Reason 4 - Ease of Visa

Australia has a reputation for being extremely hard to get into. But this isn’t necessarily true. If you do the proper research (like on my blog or podcast) and use the correct companies, getting a working holiday visa should be an easy process.

Reason 5 - The lifestyle

Australia has such a diverse culture due to the waves of immigration to the country throughout the years, there really is something for everyone. Australians are known for their laid back no worries kind of attitude and this is so obvious in day to day life, including in work! You will always see people out on the beach relaxing, people eating outside or having coffee with mates. Maybe it’s the good weather but everyone just seems in a good mood all the time? (Obviously not true but we can all pretend we’re living the dream, right?)

Reason to move to Australia

Moving across the world is one of the greatest adventures you could ever sign up for. Although I have only listed 5 reasons to move to Australia here, there are hundreds of ways your life could change for the better if you take the chance.

So have I convinced you to move yet? My blog is full of tips and tricks to make the whole moving process easier including how to save tax once you’re here, how to make friends, or help you decide where to live.

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