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What will you gain from this expat blog?

There is only so much advice you can get from research and the Government website. To really understand expat life in Australia, you have to see real life, firsthand experiences. So this expat blog is for anyone in the UK or around the world thinking about moving to Australia or expats already here looking to establish their life and connect with other expats experiencing the same challenges. My insightful blogs will cover:

Relocating tips

From working visa requirements to the housing market, the responsibility of moving overseas is hard so my tips are here to help reduce some stress!

Financial tips

Australia provides many amazing opportunities to earn money and improve your quality of life. I have experience of increasing my earning potential, investing smartly and buying properties from the opportunities available here.

Job Prospects

From earning minimum wage to negotiating incredible packages, I will share my tips on the job market in Australia.

Differences to UK life

Culture shock is a real thing! Navigating health insurance, medicare, different education and new people in a Foreign country is hard.

Expat Life

From the fear of making friends to feeling homesick and missing family, expat living really forces you to get out of your comfort zone and chase that new life.

Mental Health

Living overseas is not always what you expect and you have to be prepared to experience lows, growth and change. I will be sharing personal experiences of how I overcame feeling really average to feeling successful!

Travel Experiences

The most important and exciting part of any move abroad, you have to discover your City and further! I’ll be sharing my favourite travel experiences from life in Sydney to travelling to Western Australia, Tasmania, Brisbane, Melbourne and more.

The reality of expat life is a spectrum of emotions but I have found after 10 years that it is the most rewarding and unbelievable experience in the world, even when you miss your family.

Average Joe Down Under - Moving to Australia Blog - Sydney Australia

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Average Joe Down Under - Moving to Australia Blog - Sydney Australia


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Average Joe Down Under - Moving to Australia Blog - Sydney Australia


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