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A Comprehensive Guide to Renting in Sydney

When it comes to living in Australia, Sydney is a city that truly offers something for everyone. From its world-famous beaches and bustling city life to quiet, family-friendly suburbs and vibrant student hubs, this diverse city has it all. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into renting in Sydney, providing practical information on resources, tips, and the best areas to live based on your lifestyle.

Where to Start Your Search for Renting in Sydney

In the age of the internet, the property search has become significantly more convenient. A plethora of websites are available for your rental search in Sydney, each offering a wide range of properties to suit various needs and budgets.

  1. Domain: This website is one of Australia’s leading property market resources. It offers extensive listings and filters to narrow down your search.
  2. This site provides comprehensive property listings across Sydney and other Australian cities, complete with an easy-to-use interface and detailed property information.
  3. Another major platform, offers properties for all types of renters, including pet-friendly options and utilities connections.
  4. If you’re looking for shared accommodation, this site offers a vast selection of flatshare options in different Sydney suburbs.
  5. Gumtree: This classified ads website has a broad range of rental listings, from apartments to rooms in shared houses.

Tips for Renting in Sydney

Sydney’s property market can be fast-paced and competitive. Here are five key tips to give you an edge:

  1. Start Early: It’s advisable to start your search early to gain a sense of the market. Also, popular properties rent out quickly, so getting a head start can give you an advantage.
  2. Prepare Necessary Documents: Have your necessary documents ready before you start viewing properties. This includes proof of identification, income, and a rental history report if available.
  3. Inspect the Property: Never rent a property without inspecting it first. This gives you a chance to check the condition of the property and see if it matches your lifestyle needs.
  4. Negotiate the Lease: In some cases, there may be room to negotiate the lease terms. Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with the landlord or property agent.
  5. Understand your rights and responsibilities: Familiarize yourself with the tenancy laws in New South Wales to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
  6. Read this post so you have a better understanding of the current situation of the rental market.
renting in sydney

Applying and the Necessary Forms

After finding a suitable property, you’ll need to submit a rental application. This process typically involves filling out a form with your details, and providing supporting documents.

  1. Personal Information: The application will ask for your full name, current address, contact information, and sometimes your Australian visa status (if applicable).
  2. Employment Details: You’ll need to provide details about your employment, including your job role, employer’s contact information, and income.
  3. Rental History: This includes previous addresses, reasons for leaving, and contact details of your past landlords or real estate agents.
  4. References: You’ll usually need to provide 2-3 references. These could be from past landlords, employers, or professional contacts.
  5. Supporting Documents: Prepare copies of your photo ID, proof of income (like payslips or bank statements), and any other relevant documents like your visa or rental history report. In New South Wales, the standard form used is the “Residential Tenancy Application” form.

Average Prices of Renting in Sydney

Understanding the costs involved is an essential step in your rental journey. Prices vary depending on the area and the type of property.

  1. Houses: The median weekly rent for houses in Sydney is around $540, but in more upscale neighbourhoods, this figure can be higher.
  2. Apartments: On average, renting an apartment in Sydney costs about $500 per week. Again, in more popular or luxurious areas, expect this cost to rise.
  3. Shared Accommodation: If you’re considering a flatshare, the average weekly rent per room in Sydney is around $300, but this varies widely depending on the location and the size of the room.
  4. Location: Rent prices can differ significantly across Sydney. Properties in central locations or near the beach tend to command higher rents.
  5. Additional Costs: Keep in mind other potential costs such as bond (typically four weeks’ rent), utility bills, and possibly strata fees if you rent an apartment.

Best Places for Families in Sydney

If you’re moving to Sydney with your family, several suburbs are known for their family-friendly amenities, safety, and community feel.

  1. Castle Hill: This suburb offers a peaceful environment, plenty of parks and playgrounds, and a selection of excellent schools.
  2. Hornsby: With a strong sense of community, top-rated schools, and an abundance of green spaces, Hornsby is great for families.
  3. Chatswood: A suburb that offers a good mix of urban and residential life. Chatswood has great shopping centres, schools, and is well-connected by public transport.
  4. Ryde: With its community feel, good schools, and large homes, Ryde is another popular choice for families.
  5. Kellyville: Known for its spacious homes and high-quality schools, Kellyville is a top pick for families seeking a quiet suburban lifestyle.

Best Places for City Living in Sydney

If you’re drawn to the buzz of city living, several areas in Sydney offer vibrant atmospheres and are close to amenities.

  1. Surry Hills: This trendy neighbourhood is popular among young professionals and artists, boasting a rich culinary scene and a creative vibe.
  2. Darlinghurst: A vibrant suburb known for its bustling nightlife, variety of restaurants, and close proximity to the city centre.
  3. Pyrmont: Pyrmont offers a waterside city living experience, complete with beautiful views, luxury apartments, and proximity to the CBD.
  4. Potts Point: Known for its art deco buildings, Potts Point offers excellent restaurants, boutique shopping, and a lively atmosphere.
  5. Haymarket: Located near Central Station, Haymarket is rich in culture, dining options, and is home to the city’s Chinatown.

Best Beach Living in Sydney

Sydney is world-renowned for its stunning beaches. Here are five top spots for those seeking a laid-back, beachside lifestyle.

  1. Bondi Beach: An iconic Sydney location known for its stunning beach, great surf, and vibrant dining scene.
  2. Manly: Manly combines beach living with urban charm. It offers a family-friendly environment, great surf, and a variety of shopping and dining options.
  3. Coogee: Another beautiful beach suburb, Coogee is perfect for those seeking a relaxed beach lifestyle within a close distance to the city.
  4. Cronulla: The only Sydney beach accessible by train, Cronulla offers a beautiful beach, great surf, and a strong community vibe.
  5. Bronte: Located between the larger Bondi and Coogee, Bronte offers a more laid-back vibe, with a beautiful beach and park.

Best Places to Live if You're Single in Sydney

If you’re single, you might be looking for a vibrant social scene, convenience, and plenty of things to see and do.

  1. Newtown: Famous for its live music scene, vintage shopping, and eclectic dining options, Newtown is a hotspot for singles.
  2. Surry Hills: Another popular choice among singles, Surry Hills offers a mix of cafes, bars, galleries, and is close to the city centre.
  3. Glebe: Known for its weekend markets and vibrant café culture, Glebe is a bohemian suburb close to the University of Sydney.
  4. Paddington: With its chic boutiques, art galleries, and a variety of dining options, Paddington is popular among professionals.
  5. Darlinghurst: Darlinghurst offers a rich nightlife scene, unique bars and is within walking distance to the CBD.

Best Places to Live as a Student in Sydney

Sydney offers several student-friendly areas, each with its unique atmosphere and benefits.

  1. Ultimo: As the home to the University of Technology Sydney, Ultimo has a large student population and offers plenty of student accommodations.
  2. Kensington: Located near the University of New South Wales, Kensington offers an easy commute to campus and has a variety of affordable housing options.
  3. Camperdown: As the location of the University of Sydney, Camperdown is another great student suburb, offering a range of student housing options.
  4. Newtown: Popular among students, Newtown offers affordable dining options, a vibrant nightlife, and is close to several universities.
  5. Chippendale: Known for its creative and youthful vibe, Chippendale is conveniently located and has plenty of student accommodation options.

Best Commutable Areas in Sydney

If your priority is a short commute to the CBD, these Sydney suburbs could be ideal for you.

  1. Parramatta: Known as Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta offers excellent public transport links, including trains and ferries.
  2. North Sydney: This commercial hub is just a short commute away from the CBD and offers great public transport connections.
  3. Redfern: Known for its community vibe and cultural diversity, Redfern offers a short commute to the CBD via train.
  4. Glebe: Just a stone’s throw away from the city, Glebe offers a short commute, excellent bus service, and a relaxed, village-like atmosphere.
  5. Alexandria: Once an industrial heartland, Alexandria has been transformed into a trendy suburb with a short commute to the city.

Best Homely Areas for Expats who may be Homesick in Sydney

Moving to a new country can be challenging, but some Sydney suburbs offer a welcoming and homely environment for expats.

  1. Mosman: Known for its friendly community, excellent amenities, and beautiful harbour views, Mosman offers a comforting place for expats.
  2. Balmain: Balmain offers a village-like atmosphere with a tight-knit community, great dining scene, and beautiful harbour views.
  3. Neutral Bay: Neutral Bay offers a diverse dining scene, close proximity to the city, and a relaxed, community feel.
  4. Crows Nest: Known for its lively food scene with many international cuisines, Crows Nest also has a friendly community vibe that can make expats feel at home.
  5. Leichhardt: Known as Sydney’s “Little Italy,” Leichhardt offers a homely vibe, with Italian restaurants, bookshops, and a European feel.

In conclusion, Sydney offers an incredible range of lifestyle options, and there truly is a neighbourhood to suit everyone’s needs. When it comes to choosing your perfect place for renting in Sydney, consider your lifestyle, budget, and proximity to work or school.

Happy house hunting!

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