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Melbourne’s Artistic Hideouts: Uncovering Boutique Accommodation

Melbourne is a city known as a melting pot of styles and cultures. It’s also well-known for its artistic identity, making it a haven for those who want to express their creative freedom through street art, architecture, and other forms. This artistic identity also extends to Melbourne’s accommodation options, where the city offers uniquely warm hospitality. Whether you’re staying in a boutique hotel or some other accommodation, expect an exceptional stay poised to captivate you by what this city can offer.

Best Melbourne Boutique Accommodation

Experience the unique hospitality of Melbourne and witness its artistic side first-hand when you stay in these boutique accommodation options.

QT Melbourne opened its doors in 2016 and has already made its mark on the city. This boutique hotel offers 188 rooms, which can get booked quickly. Advanced booking is recommended to secure a room. 

The Wall Street vibe in every room makes this hotel stand out. It’s also filled with vibrant artwork and walls filled with books. If you book a suite, you can enjoy a freestanding bathtub overlooking the views of Melbourne.

The hotel’s rooftop bar is also a favourite among locals.

You can find out more info and book here.

The Zagame’s are familiar to the hospitality industry in Melbourne having dominated this industry for decades!

Therefore, you know what to expect when you book a stay at Zagame’s House, one of the top Melbourne boutique accommodation options. The owners transformed an old motel into an artsy boutique hotel featuring bespoke furniture and artwork. 

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the rooms feature modern and luxurious amenities, such as plush beds, a minibar, and a rainfall shower.

You can find more info and book here.

Unique places to stay in Melbourne

The Ovolo Laneways makes the perfect artistic hideout in Melbourne. This hotel puts the fun in boutique accommodation, which isn’t surprising since the city’s laneway culture inspires the concept.

You’re greeted by vibrant murals, chalkboards, and pinball machines when you walk into the property. The attention to these small details brings the whole artistic experience together, creating an unforgettable stay. 

While there are only 42 rooms in this hotel, nothing is generic about their design and features.

You can find out more info and book here.

The artistically inspired Adelphi Hotel is a must-add for anyone looking for the coolest and most unique places to stay in Melbourne. It is recognised as one of the pioneer “design hotels” in the city. 

Adelphi Hotel is all about style. It is evident from the architecture to the furnishings and décor. Purple neon lighting on the entrance makes it stand out visually. Inside, you will find many contemporary art installations. 

This boutique hotel only has 34 rooms, but each of these rooms features bespoke designs. It’s also ideally located on Flinders Lane, so you’re right in Melbourne’s heart of the action.

You can find more info and book here,

Next on the list of the best Melbourne boutique accommodation options is Notel. The name itself is proof of its quirkiness. Notel means “Not a Hotel.”

It is the best place to stay for curious travellers looking for accommodation that offers something unique. It’s a collection of Airstream trailers converted into rooms where guests can spend the night. While the trailers are from the 1970s, they’ve been retrofitted to provide a luxurious and modern place to stay.

Notel only offers six trailers, so be sure to book ahead if you want to try one of them!

You can find more info and book here.

The Lancemore Crossley St is a hidden gem in the heart of CBD. It is the ideal boutique accommodation for theatre lovers because it is flocked by performing art venues. In addition, this boutique hotel draws inspiration from these venues to create theatre-themed rooms and interiors.

Imagine walking down a red carpet or sitting on the rooftop of this 40-story skyscraper. You’ll imagine you’re on top of the world with this beautifully decorated and inspired hotel.

You can find more info and book here.

The Como Hotel opened in 1989 in Melbourne, and it has since become the go-to place to stay for celebrities. It is located in South Yarra and is one of the most popular designer hotels in the area. 

It is sleek and modern. The design is practical yet stylish. It is notable for its use of contrasting colours to make the details pop. The hotel offers several varieties of room to choose from according to your budget and desired experience. 

The highlight of the hotel is the rooftop swimming pool. It features a retractable roof so you can swim in the summer or winter (the water is heated).

You can find more info and book here.

Popular designer hotels in Melbourne

The Cullen is another example that Melbourne is a city for creatives. This hotel features the artistic creations of some of Melbourne’s best artists front and centre. 

While it is a bit far from the CBD area, it is the ideal place for creatives looking for somewhere quieter. The hotel’s name is a tribute to Adam Cullen, an Australian artist. He is best known for his grungy and modern artworks.

You can find more info and book here.

Located on Flinders Street, this boutique hotel is a landmark. It has undergone refurbishment a few times, and its current design is the fourth incarnation.

It started as a tea warehouse in the 1900s before becoming a newspaper headquarters. It was a pool hall before becoming a boutique hotel. You can explore its rich history as a gallery in the hotel showcases those memorabilia. 

The artistic design of the Hotel Lindrum in Melbourne echoes the history of the building while also mixing it with modern details. And speaking of modern, the room interiors are equipped with luxurious amenities that will make your stay relaxing and memorable.

You can find more info and book here.

Experience Melbourne’s Boutique Accommodation on Your Next Visit

Discover the allure of boutique accommodation options in Melbourne, making your stay more worthwhile. Picking such accommodation enables you to immerse in the local culture and see a different side of Melbourne. You won’t be disappointed if you value cultural explorations or personalised service.

If none of the properties mentioned in this list are suitable or available, there is a wide range of other properties available also.

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